Creating my own Google Ads?

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Ok, so I have a niche site that's killing it with affiliate sales, but I'm struggling to get an Adsense click to save my life. The main reason being is the ads are so untargeted, I have no idea why Google doesn't display relevant ads any more but whatever.

Anyway, I'm going to let them run for 30 days just to see if anything changes. But I'm brain storming some ideas incase things do not improve, and one of my ideas was to create my own Google Text ad lookalikes. My EPC for the affiliate stuff beats anything Adsense could ever hope to pay me.

Is there any light weight software or solutions to rotate image ads and monitor CTR?

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    Sometimes it takes awhile for sites to be fully indexed by Google, months even? Targeted ads should occur in future, if your site SEO remains consistent etc.
    That is my understanding.
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