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I am setting up a site just for the UK, I was then thinking of getting an SE Nuke CR blast (panda safe) but then I thought if I get all of these links from all over the world for a could this have a really bad effect on SERPS

Any thoughts? thanks
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    No the country of origin won't matter. It is more about the quality of the link that is important. Don't worry about getting links from places that don't end in

    Oh and in b4 all the "Bro, manual linkbuilding is best" comments and Senuke haters!
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    SePuke will get you nowhere.

    "Panda Safe" SeNuke blast.Classic.

    Oh,and spare me the "You gotta know what you're doing" mantra.It's getting old.I'm all for automation but not mindless,lazy one.

    You want a to get a bang for your buck?

    Then invest in zennoposter.Learn how to make templates.Sure,it's not easy,but it IS fun and rewarding if you're willing to learn.
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    Ideally, if you want to rank in, then you'd better get backlinks from niche sites on UK domains hosted on a UK-based server and with PR higher than yours. So, getting links from the same geographic TLDs is actually a good idea, even though it's absolutely feasible to rank in local Google with links from generic TLDs just having your site hosted on a UK server with a domain name.

    Plus, it will help if you submit your site to the local directories and set up geotargeting in GWT. Also, you can check rankings as from a specific country and track Local Search results if necessary.
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    For backlinks, the quality and relevancy are the most important factors. It's my opinion.
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    Get real links, please.

    Want Google Page ONE Rankings? [YES] [NO]

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  • Profile picture of the author James- links well give slightly more weight over others if all other factors are the same, so yea, if you can get them why not.

    FYI, i rank a site in google UK not focusing on this at all though, so it's not really an important factor.

    2 nuts walked into a bar, 1 was assaulted! :p

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