It's not a big deal to rank dumb keywords (slight rant)

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I'm nowhere near a great or famous internet marketer by any means (still have a day job, still learning) but BOY does it chap my hide to see people on Facebook (especially Empower Network people) bragging about how they ranked something like "two cent fb clicks" WITHOUT THE QUOTES. I understand it has 72,200 searches on google but still... rank something tough! Like "make money online". I'd like to see these guru's take that on for a change.

And then they portray themselves as "google dominators"... geez these people. They seriously don't have a clue and are just basically people off the streets (not such a bad thing) who learned like 1 trick to rank a video or they bought a bunch of views and it somehow magically ranked and now they're basically lying to people saying how great they are.

Makes me sick.. but ya know what...we can learn from these people, what NOT to do. On the bright side, these idiots are my competition and I'll gladly welcome them. :-)

That is all... Goodnight WF.
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