Yoast SEO or ALL in One SEO ? whats is your suggestion ????

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Currently i am using All in one SEO Plugin

but which is the best plugin among the both ??? :confused:

What is your suggestion
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    I was able to use All in One SEO Plugin and I think they were doing good though I already shifted to Yoast SEO. I find them similar and I believe both will work for you and all you just have to do is to stick to any of them.
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    I don't think there is much between them in terms of functionality, its down to personal preference really. I use Yoast though.
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    I use Yoast SEO for my wordpress sites and I think it the best seo plugin.
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    It doesn't make that much difference. Just find the right plugin that works for you. Both are good for optimization.

    I personally use All In One SEO.
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    The yoast SEO plugin is by far much more developed and has kept up with changes in search.

    While all in one and platinum have kind of fell behind the pack.

    Yoast has a whole bunch of handy SEO features the others don't like added open graph data, twitter cards, breadcrumbs, authorship and much more control over things.

    Its just better

    And can import settings from any competing plugin if you want to switch
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    Both are good ones. All In One SEO Pack is perfect for beginners, as it doesn't require any particular skills to set it up and is very intuitive. Yoast is a bit more complex, but it provides detailed explanations along the way and is easy to learn. Also, Yoast makes it really convenient to stay focused on specific keywords.

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    To be honest, I'm not sure if these plugins work as well as they did once.

    I once published a post without submitting anything on All In One SEO - like no description, keywords, meta tags etc. This was an error when I first started life in IM.

    The post went onto rank on page #1 without any problems. I only noticed months later.

    Could be something, could be nothing...
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  • Profile picture of the author Moneymaker2012
    I am using All in One SEO Pack in. And this is working great in my site, recommend this to others, it have keywords option where yoast don't have
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    Yoast SEO has given me much success. It is perfectly positioned and thought out to give you immediate feedback on your page/post as to whether or not it is SEO compliant and what is or isnt wrong. I love it.
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    I started with AIOSEO but now mainly use Yoast because it fits all my needs.
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    I like Yoast, does the job without harming the pocketbook. Never used the other frankly.
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      Tried them both, just preferred Yoast.
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    Doesn't really matter which one as long as you use them. I use both, but I personally think All In One is a little simpler.
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    I like Wordpress SEO (Yoast)
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    Yoast Seo plugin is best. you can check its rating here (4.7). it is awesome for search engine optimization. I am also using it on enstructive (Best Informative and Instructive Source).
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  • Profile picture of the author Make Money Ninja
    Used both, Yoast is best.

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    I use the all in one SEO on the three sites I have and it seems to work great for me.
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    All in one SEO, i have had a lot of issues in the past with Yoast like losing my rank on google and it not doing my SEO any good so i prefer all in one.
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    I prefer All-In-One SEO. I can't remember what the most recent issue that I had with Yoast was. I think it had something to do with their sitemaps. I prefer to have a sitemapindex style sitemap and it didin't generate it the way I wanted it to be I think.

    I'm a Realtor who is building a website about homes for sale in Plymouth. I don't really sell stuff online.

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    I also use Yoast and found it as a very helpful SEO solution. Adding the meta description, meta keyword, custom post title, tags, categories, etc are very simple.
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