adsense account banned after 5 years. any alternatives?

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didnt do anything fishy, nor changed my sites in the last year...

dont know even the reason, but i`m looking forward, which alternatives for ppc i have? i dont like cpa offers.

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    You can search for adsense alternatives and decide which fits your site. If you have USA traffic I would suggest you Chitika Ads. Other good ones are Adbrite,Bidvertiser,Kontera. Split test with different networks and choose the best one.Good Luck !
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      Didn't do anything fishy...yet you have a link to "set up an autoblog in 15 minutes" in your sig...hmmm

      You won't find another CPC network anywhere near as good as adsense.

      You can go for CPA or CPS.
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        on the fishy stuff i didnt put adsense
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        Originally Posted by kickmoney View Post

        Didn't do anything fishy...yet you have a link to "set up an autoblog in 15 minutes" in your sig...hmmm

        You won't find another CPC network anywhere near as good as adsense.

        You can go for CPA or CPS.
        Well there you go.
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  • Profile picture of the author Oranges Worth a shot.
    Not that high paying, but a decent alternative.

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    I had an experience of being banned from promoting ads in adsense, and the reason was illegal clicks. I admit I did it and I was to blame for the actions I've made. Years pass, and I got my new adsense account and this was by being a member in a prestigious writing platform. The site was triond. was the one responsible of reinstating my google adsense account.

    I do have chitika as well as bidvertiser accounts, but it is not as good as google adsense. So, if you are into writing and wanted to open a new account in google adsense and eventually display ads and earn through c.p.c. & c.p.m. try joining triond and get your new account in google adsense. Let the site work for you.
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    Consider it a sign that you're ready to move on to more lucrative monetisation forms!
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    You Can re-open your account with the same name with this service .
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      I suppose "earn cash easily" and "Help Me To Become A Millionaire" means
      you were always on the up and up....

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      And you don't like CPA's? That's rich. Your one and only post on that site has...
      some crapola:

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      1. Choose one of the four offers below. Offers are usually short surveys or signup forms.

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      3. Once you've completed the offer, the Continue button will turn green and be enabled.

      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    There is really no competitive adsense alternative that would pay you nearly as much as adsense. 99.9 of the competitors pay anywhere between 0.01 and0.10 cents per click.

    It's just a big joke. You better off opening another adsense account.
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    If your site has good number of visitors and your site looks professional then apply for

    Well, it is supposed that you can earn 4x more than Adsense if you use BuySellAds.

    Is your website Hacked? Try ->
    Is Google Analytics installed Properly? Test ->
    Impersonal Google search? Check ->

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    You can also consider inline adds. You get a double underlined link on your content. I think infolinks and contera are in-line links.
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    Currently I am using Adhitz as a Google Alternatives in my blog. CPC is pretty good compare to Chitika and infolinks.
    Signature Blogging, Technology, and Digital Marketing
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    There really is no true alternative. If your niche has good affiliate programs, then those may bring in some income instead.
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