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I have a website with 20 chatrooms.

If I set the url of each chatroom like this:

Will google penalize me for using the word chatroom in every url?

I am not trying to rank for the key-phrase "chatroom" btw. I am thinking of doing it like this just because it looks good and it's self explanatory.
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    Go for it, are you trying to optimize and rank those subpages though? If you are, then the answer might be replacing the word "Chatroom" with a category name, or relevant keyword.

    For example,

    Would be better than:


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    Does each chat room have a different focus? If so, then I would rename each room with a distinct name. To answer your question though, will G penalize you for the way you have it now? IMO no, because they are actually unique given that each has a different number at the end. However, I would always recommend variety if you can find a way to differentiate each room that would be best.
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