How Do You Achieve This On The Search Engines?

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Hi Warriors,

Ok, when you search for a specific company or website name and the website appears on Google but it has sitemap links under it actually on the search engine. How do you achieve this for your website?

This is a bigger company example but I have seen this with many smaller companies, what is it and how do I do it for my company website?


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    Hi GoGetta,

    To be honest - from what I understand there is no "method" to achieve this. I know authority, domain age etc has a lot to do with it, but I don't think its something in the algorithm that can be "manufactured".

    Also, to show how inflexible it is - if you are lucky enough to get those site links, you cant choose which ones appear. You can only exclude ones that have been chosen but you cant replace them with others.

    Hope that helps.

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    yes that helps, thanks for the input John,

    Anyone else know anything regarding this?

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    TheHutz is right, there's no easy way to achieve those links. I was able to achieve it on my site: Lost Spires for a short while. But, that wasn't a commercial spam site, and I have super high-quality content on there that get's downloaded 350 times a day. The reason Google generates those links underneath your SERP is if it sees visitors consistently funneling to specific pages of "high interest" on your site. For Lost Spires, it was the "Downloads" page, because 95% of my visitors came to the site to download the game. Google saw that this was happening, and decided to give a shortcut in their index.

    So, if you want those links you'll need lots of traffic, some "high interest" pages, and time. But even then, you're at Google's mercy and you might never get the links, or get them, and lose them -- as did.

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    This sitemap is called 'site-links'.

    You can read about this in Google Webmasters Tools that it is auto-generated and you can't do anything about it. Also, google has introduced single line site-links so now you may see them in other sites listed below the first one.
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