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Hey guys:

Anyone buy X amount of "Plus One" votes on Fiverr? If so, did it help or hurt you in the SERPs?
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    Bad idea, not just for the boneheads you get on fiverr,
    but for the mess you would cause if google detects you
    buying that crap. What value would a bunch of useless
    plus ones get you anyway?

    If it's some program doing the voting, google will probably
    not count them. If they are real people, well, they're
    real people earning money, supposedly, for do that. No
    incentive to keep whatever plus ones they've done.
    Especially if it was to get some fake pump ups on
    their own. In other words, you might get some, then
    lose a good lot of them over a short time.

    Dumb idea. Why dare google to delete your account?
    For the thrill of it?


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Paul -

    I just knew you would answer this one. I knew you couldn't help yourself.

    Again, you never disappoint.

    For the record, I never said I would do it. A lot of things go through my mind about SEO and I come to Warrior Forum and ask about it. I'm just curious - but 99% of the time, I never act upon it.

    Fiverr is usually a waste of time for me anyway - however, I do have a girl (from Fiverr) do my promotional videos for clients.

    Paul - you need to chill bro.

    <a href="">How to Lower Your Water Bill</a>

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    Don't buy anything related social votes or likes from fiverr. They are fake and worst. No traffic, no sharp movement only digs. Personal experience.
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    I assume the same goes for twitter and youtube votes as well?
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      Hey big cat would you share your video girl I was looking to do some video promotion
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    I assume the same goes for twitter and youtube votes as well?
    Yeah. Two years ago, I bought some backlinks from fiverr - well, needless to say, my site dropped a bit.

    However, I will say this. Getting a nice looking girl to do your promotional videos, from fiverr, is the way to go. I've seen my traffic go bonkers.

    <a href="">How to Lower Your Water Bill</a>

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    try fanslave. I use it to get quality (kinda) social votes. You can choose to only accept likes/tweets etc from accounts in certain locations, had their account for 6 months plus, have over 300 friends etc
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    If there is one thing Google can track easily, it's G+ vote gaming. If you feel you have to, why would you use Fiverr? Find someone with the right protections in place.

    I'm a Freelance Copywriter that helps Agencies, Startups and Businesses Educate Their Audience and Grow Sales
    Skype Me: r.boze
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    Actually I purchased like 200 or so Google +1s on Fiverr...

    They were gone in under a week -.-'

    I pretty much stay away from Social Media Marketing services on Fiverr since then.

    If you really want to buy some Google +1s, I'd suggest you find a good company who sells them instead of buying at Fiverr


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  • Profile picture of the author mianfarhanraza
    Not recommended, Money is most of the time biased and will sound unnatural.
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      I agree with everyone on here. In the past I purchased Twitter followers, FaceBook likes, YouTube views - Each and every single one of them was a waste of money and all the likes/followers/views are gone.

      Zach Robinson

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    People offering services like this have bulk of fake profiles, you can only be happy for sometime after you buy them. But they are always going to affect you later.
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    Well, if you do it slowly you may get away with it... if not... you are f***.

    Have client who decided to give some punch to the rankings (without my permission) and bought something like 150 G+ likes and distributed them all at once... What happened?

    All my work (TOP 3 & 5) was f***

    Have a nice day.
    Do what you want to do!
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