Does Having A Blog Actually Help You Rank Better In Google?

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I've had my website for a while now but I just recently created a blog section to the site where I put up content almost every day. I've had it for about a two weeks or so now.

I did this because certain websites & blogs I visit, and podcasts I listen to, always say that you can get better rankings with Google if you have a blog that's updated quite frequently, rather than have static pages (which is what my website had previously).

Also they said that Google crawls your website more if you have more updated, unique content there. The more you update it, the more the spiders will crawl.

Does anyone know if this is true or now, or if they've tried it themselves and are seeing results they're willing to share?

Fortunately, or unfortunately, my website is in the making money niche, so I realize that it'll be near impossible to get really up there in the eyes of Google. I know I can't make it number 1 for money making ... but there are other lower keywords I write topics about that people search for that will hopefully get me on the first page for those keywords.

Anyway, any advice is welcomed.
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    That's true. High SEO-ed articles, frequent updated site, unique contents, all of them will definitely strengthen your site a lot! Don't be discouraged by being in a very competitive niche. Just keep your focus and consistency.

    About keywords, this is also very tight so my suggestion is to target long tail keywords to master. Don't you think it's more awesome to be the king of a hundred long tail smaller keywords than to struggle to compete for 1 big keyword?

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    You made some good points there ... I've been finding alot of lower keywords and have been writing content around it ... I'll just keep on keeping on and not get discouraged.

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    Great! The most common reason people fail in online business is because of losing focus and consistency. So you're doing great! Keep up the good work!
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