A quick (I hope) SILO site question PLEASE HELP!

by boojoo
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I've been reading lots of good info on here but as with anything sometimes too much is not a good thing.

I am just starting to build a WP site around my theme of TVs (don't ask me why).

So basic structure will be about 3 urls deep:

smart tvs > brand a series > a model 1
> brand b series > b model 1

I want to dive in and get started but am confused about how to physically implement this in WP from the start.

So, trying to keep this simple for my simple brain.

1. Can I use any WP theme and if I need plugins, which ones?

2. Is there a theme already out there that will do what I need?

3. What should the permalink structure be? %category%%postname%?

which brings me onto

4. Should I create pages (that have no categories) or posts (with categories)??

5. If I create pages, what should the permalinks be??


Any advice would be great. I'm a bit of a WP newbie, but can handle (very) basic code editing.
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    In that picture above, are all the ORANGE boxes POSTS, and all the others PAGES?

    And if so, how should the permalinks be set?
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    First of all, as far as page titles go, for my own sites I set the permalinks to url/page title.
    Next, for plugins to help with silo structure, I use the subpages plugin, which shows a list of all pages of current silo underneath each landing page and child page. I still interlink child pages together incontent, and always have a link from the body of the article on a child page pointing directly to the specific landing page that it belongs too, as with the subpages plugin, if you are viewing the list of child pages, for some reason, the landing page is not there.
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      Thank you. So you only use pages and not posts?
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    I just use pages not posts. I do not use the category function at all, thus posts are not important to me.
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    OK, thanks again.

    Can I use any WP theme?
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