How Much would an seo company vs freelance charge

by sdlive
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for just a simple "LOCAL" business placement on google.

This would include
Your business/website/address and phone on the map of the local search results.


How can you maximize your pricing for client (meaning ripping them off without making them feel ripped off)? thanks
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    Do you want know price details about only local seo or global seo?

    web development & web marketing

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  • Sdlive,

    I think the price that anyone would charge will be a combination of market rate in addition to their costs as a business. For instance a freelancer working on their own and probably out of their house is probably going to charge a lot less than a dozen person team with a lot of overhead like office space, salaries,etc.

    If you are talking about what to charge for setting up a basic Google Places listing, I suppose it would depend on what your overall strategy is. For instance I have seen people charge an hourly rate and then use that to give a proposal on SEO work that involves much more than just a business listing. I suppose you could set up some package deals where you offer setup of the listing for like 49.95. That sounds like you could sell it pretty easily.

    Hope that helps,

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    The priced them according to the number of hour work and to the quantity of their output.
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    It is probably a good idea for you to contact some of your competitors to determine what their going rates are for specific services rendered. This way you will know what the landscape is so that you do not undercharge or overcharge.

    Also, are you just setting up their Google+ Local listing, or are you actually taking the necessary steps to get their page ranked so that they will get phone calls? If you are just creating a listing, unfortunately you are not bringing anything to the table beyond what they can already do themselves for free. If you are offering to get their Google+ Local page listed in Google, then you need to know the landscape before approaching potential clients.

    Hopefully this helps to steer you in the right direction.
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    You should give other necessary details, else you are just wasting our time, I believe yours too.
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