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Hey guys,

So my wife used to do domestic cleaning and really enjoyed it. Not only did it get her away from me and the kids for a few hours but she really enjoyed the feeling helping people inparticular a few little old dears keeping their houses tidy.

Basically she left her job because her boss was a nasty character. But when she left a few of her clients also left because they didn't like their new cleaners.

Since then she has decided to set up on her own and has 4 of her old clients on her books now but wants more. So i have secretly set up a website with a virtual number for her..


Now I only uploaded it to my server a few days ago and already for 5 or 6 kkeywords it is ranking on pages 1 - 5 but obviously I need to get it to number 1 for each of them.

So do you have any tips for getting it higher for each? By the way it is only a 1 page site with images and h1 tags optimised for the keywords.


P.s. I have also set up a listing on g places and am waiting for the pin to activate it.
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    That's nice of you man... I think the site is looking pretty decent.

    As I'm sure you're aware, link building is/should be a massive part of any SEO project - have you built many?

    As far as free methods go, I'd recommend setting up a Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and any other social media profiles... I've seen them directly affect authority/rank, so it would definitely be a good idea - if it were me, I'd hook the links up under the G+ profile to create a sort of social hub.

    Other than that, getting referrals comes to mind... I think that's a huge part of any local business - if she has a good, personal relationship with her clients, she should have no problem genuinely asking if they have any friends that could use a cleaning...

    All my best, to the site's success!
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    You can go for some forum posting in related niches or submit a few articles to directories and web 2.0 and thus build links to the main site and get it ranked. Traffic will follow.
    Since this is a local business I would suggest getting it listed into Google places and get some reviews, pretty easy process

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