G Authorship - Have I just Told G my backlinking efforts?

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I have a 9yo site that has been consistently in the top for the niche, it is a PR5 site.

Am wondering if putting Google Authorship on my articles has just alerted Google to my guest post campaign and they are now smashing me?

3 months ago, I registered Google Authorship and become active on G+, I typically distribute 15-20 guest post a month, and have been for at least the last 4 years, 2 months ago, I started putting my Google Authorship into the Bio. The last 6 weeks it has been progressively tanking on a weekly basis on the main key words. On many I have used the company name as the anchor text which has been in the bio.

It is not, but lets use this example, Thompson Optometrist, and the main key words, glasses, Seattle, eyewear

It is still ranking well for Seattle Optometrist but the other keywords it has tanked. It is still strong in the Google Places.

Now they know all my guest post by me, easily tracked. Do you think they are hitting me now?
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  • Ducksause,

    You don’t have to do anything to alert google, they will eventually see if you are doing something you shouldn’t be whether you are using their services or not.
    The anchor text thing you mentioned sounds like what did you in. That’s a dead giveaway that someone is manipulating search results. You can do it a little but think about how links happen naturally. No one ever thinks “I’d bet this webmaster is targeting such and such a word, I’ll help him out by using that word in anchor text to his site”.
    Try making things look less obvious and you should start to see things bounce back.


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    I read something once about how going into revealing your local would get you more local searches and less global....Even though your traffic is down, how is your conversion rate, and time on site effected ?

    Penguin 2.0 rolled out 3 months ago also.

    Did authorship really reveal anything new? Did you not have these websites in your webmaster tools already ? Are they on the same linking C blocks, maybe even the same IP?

    If you had your authorship tag on your guest blog posts, on someone else's blog it might have revealed you. This is something to think about. I doubt you would be penalized for it, but there is a chance the link might be devalued, if not now, then in the future. Though it doesn't really make sense why they would devalue it since you would have earned that PageRank with your own article, even though it was elsewhere, nobody knows the decisions Google might make about such things.

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