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A client approached me about helping remove his name which had been trashed on a certain site. The site had his name and cell number and the website doesn't allow for take down of information unless ruled on by arbitration. What is the best way to go about this? Burying it behind pages of SEO'ed pages?
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  • Juicedmarketing,

    If attempts to contact the site to get them to remove it has failed (and assuming that the remarks and the data contained in them were legal to post), your client has two alternatives. They could sue for defamation of character if the remarks were untrue (disclosure I am not an attorney) or (as you mentioned), you could bury the negativity by expanding the web presence of your client.

    If its just the one comment, that shouldn’t be too hard to drown out.


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    Try contacting their web host and ask them for help, it works very well.
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    The common practice is to bury it on the web. Write several articles relevant to the keywords of their article, then share it on High PR social media until their result ends up buried in the search results.

    Go after the web host if you can not get the website owner to take it down, most web hosting companies will shut down any "trouble making" websites to avoid legal action against it.

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    From what it sounds like, your best course of action will be to flush the negative information with positive information.

    The quickest way to do that is to create positive content associated with every single variation of his name that you can think of, and post that information to authority websites.

    Here is a list of websites that you can use that will outrank the negative garbage very quickly. You will just have to SEO the new authority sites:

    1. YouTube
    2. Amazon (ebooks)
    3. (Similar to Yahoo Answers)
    4. Facebook Pages
    5. Squidoo (Works well but have cracked down and have started banning accounts)
    6. ($12/month) The group page ranks very easily
    7. LinkedIn (The Company Profile Page)
    8. Twitter Profile
    9. Tumblr (May be able to pull in RSS feeds)
    10. Myspace Account
    11. Blogspot
    12. (This is an authority for Google+ Local Business Pages)
    13. (Video site that is less strict than YouTube)
    14. (Video site that is less strict than YouTube)
    15. Pinterest Profile (Rank Really Well)
    16. Yahoo Answers (You can ask the question yourself, and then write the answer yourself)
    17. Itunes Stores
    18. Google+ Accounts
    19. (Similar to
    20. (Can rank well for local listings. Downside is that they can be flagged and they expire. Good for short-term rankings)
    21. (Can create an account as a reporter. Really easy to rank these pages)
    22. Press Releases (These are possibly the best ParaSites, besides YouTube.)
    23. (High authority site for the UK market)
    24. (If Local)
    27. Photobucket
    28. Panaramio
    29. Flickr
    30. WordPress
    31. Wikihow
    32. Quora

    A little over-kill, but you will be able to get a good idea of what types of sites will rank quickly and flush the negative information out.

    Hopefully this helps!

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    If there is any chance that they are in the wrong one can complain to their web site host who tend to be less tolerant of shady behavior on the site's part, though I get the impression this is something like scam report site.

    Creating 10 assets that rank better for that person's name, to push the bad reference off page 1 of the results is probably a challenge worth defending the reputation of some high power executive but too much for regular folks. Writing a reply on the page that lessens the effect may be a quick way to lessen the effect.

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