Can somebody tell me why my website is not ranking well in Google

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I have put my all efforts to get ranking well for my website. But still none of the keywords are ranking in Google.

Please review my website and let me know what is the problem?


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    Very interesting question.

    Did you use the webmaster tool and tell Google you have a site?
    Best to get ranked is to find a reliable and dependable coach who can help you do what exactly has to be done; not by bits and bites from self learning exercises that takes a longer time to know in a hard way.

    Oh I forgot!

    Unless you divulge what all things you did, no one can tell how you what else you have to do for ranking.

    Ranking will come with a combination of several efforts that pulls traffic to your site - payed advertisement to non paid social excitements you create to show all people wanted to see your site.

    Only once you make enough ripples, you learn to swim.

    Having said all that, IF you have done everything, wait patiently!
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    You have well designed, professional looking website + keyword research is also too good...

    The thing is the niche is competitive so you have to work hard to fight with your competitors.

    Keep working on off-page optimization, building links using relevant sites, overall your link profile should look natural.

    Is your website Hacked? Try ->
    Is Google Analytics installed Properly? Test ->
    Impersonal Google search? Check ->

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    I have seen your website and view the page source of your homepage. I think there are many unnecessary codes behind your homepage. Everybody knows google like page that is clean and well organized, so it is better for your to reduce the unnecessary codes to make your webpage cleaner and more organized.
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    Thanks to all!

    OK start with On page optimization

    I have done this things

    1. Proper Keyword Research
    2. Prepared Meta tags
    3. Internal Linking
    4. Image Optimization
    5. Verified site in Webmaster Tool
    6. Added Google Analytics Code
    7. Uploaded Robots.txt file

    What else i can do? Can anybody suggest me?

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    The main thing is that your website has keywords with high competition, and you have less off page links.

    So try link building with guest blogging and all sorts of techniques or hire a SEO expert.

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    guest blogging has really worked well for me.
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