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I don't know how many know this and I sort of take the website for granted.

100% Free SEO Tools – online SEO tools

Its one of the best websites I use on a daily basis.
I have been using it for about three years now or two can't remember.

It does all this free.

Plagiarism Checker
Article Rewriter Pro
Keyword Position
Search Engine Pingler
Backlink Checker
Link Tracker

And a whole lot more.

I was sort of skiddish of the backlinks tool but it only does about 50 or so and they have good pr. It's a way to get it started but even as they tell you that quality comes from footwork.

I have donated to them quite a few times. I find this site with so much value and it has always been free. I have not tried all the services but I use quite a bit of them. I figured they would start charging after a few months but about three years down the road and still free.

I hope this helps some that don't have the money for these tools. I use it cause it is really fast and when I just need quick I don't have to go to the remote vps and boot software up.
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    Thanks for the info Hustleinsmoke.

    I'm sure a lot of WF members would find this site a help.
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    Great resource! Thanks for sharing. I know how I'll be spending the rest of my evening
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    Well I get so many questions and pm's on how do I do this free. I'm a freeby nut if possible. I also believe in spending money but if you don't have it you can do it free and take what you earn and upgrade each time.

    I hope this helps em out.
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    For site building itself, the best free website for me is Weebly. But for all the resources you mentioned, you need to pay to get that

    Join or use my translation group! All languages!

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    Weebly is a great tool. I try to tell people all the time that if they want fast SEO then weebly, blogger and wordpress is the way to go.

    The seo is already done for you on the footwork, you just need to get that one page seen that you put up that has great keywords and is relevant.

    Well smallseotools is great for pinging that page.
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