Are there TWO types of SEO keyword research? Not just one?

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Hi there,

I'm starting an indepth study in SEO and SEM (i.e. I'm a newbie). I am lead to beleive that there are two types of keyword research

1) for organic SEO. You do your keyword research FIRST to define your niche, find out what people are typing in google, so you can make your site conform for that.

The key is to figure out what people are typing in to find out about your topic. How do we do that? (say someone wants to find out how to be more confident in their city).

2) for PPC/adwords. These keywords and ad copy may or may not (in most cases even) be the same as #1.

It seems that there are tons of tools out there that help with this.

Can anyone elaborate on this?

Thank you.

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    I would definately do your keyword research first, it sets up a nice base to build off. If you do not have a solid foundation, you can't build nearly as well as someone with rock solid basics.

    I like to use google's adwords tool, it is free and with a little time spent, will give you great results. You feed it keywords, go ahead and put in your whole list you are considering. Then it will give you a list of those keyword phrases, plus similar phrases.

    Set the case match to exact rather than phrase, and then take a look at the results. It will tell you search volume for your phrase, plus how competetive it is.

    The less competetive your term, the quicker and better you can rank for it. Finding the balance of phrases you can rank well for that also have good traffic is the trick, but if you play around with this tool, you'll get the hang of it.

    You can also check out this free seo book I put together, it goes into a bit more detail on the subject!

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