Just 5 organic search visitors per day?

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This may sound like an odd question but...

Say your challenge was to create a simple website that would receive just 5 unique visitors to it daily via organic search... And you had to create that website in the fastest and most efficient way possible... How would you go about doing it?

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    To be honest i wouldn't bother.. Waste of time that could be spent else where
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    Fair enough,. I'm just asking in theory though, if you had to do it, how would you go about it?
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    I agree with bloggerd, 5 visitors daily is just useless in my opinion unless you have a product that converts super well.
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    I completely understand that. It's a theoretical question. If you had to create a website that got 5 visitors a day, what would you do. That's all I'm asking.
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      In my view, it wouldn't matter what the website is like or how it is put together. The main question is how would you get any visitors? Advertise? Pay for traffic? Use SEO optimisation methods? etc.,

      Whichever you use, you would no doubt get at least 5 visitors from any one of the tactics - then what?
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        There are a lot of ways to do this. Pick a couple of long tail keywords with low competition and throw up some quick content targeting the keywords. You're done.
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          Not quite what sure what you're trying to achieve here

          But wouldn't the easiest option be to somehow set the site up to go offline once it's received 5 visitors that day?
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              The best is to look for a niche that is less crowded.
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