How to best advertise local SEO business?

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Hi all,

I am considering starting an SEO and web design business which all the work will be outsourced. Obviously there is a lot of competition for this service in Melbourne Australia.
What would be the most cost effective way of advertising this business? Ppc campaigns for relevant keywords generally have a very high CPC.

I only want to target local people so their is not a lot of PPC options apart from google and Facebook.

What are my chances of finding someone who can rank me 1st page for such high competition keywords?

I look forward to your opinions and advertising ideas.

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  • Why not start off with a real simple way of advertising? Contact everyone you know and let them know you're offering this service. I was able to get several thousand dollars of business by letting my financial planner and other colleagues know what I do. It may be a quick way to get your feet wet and build up your portfolio so when you do spend money on advertising you can reference real people you've worked with.

    Just a thought. Hope it helps.
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    I would try to contact some local newspapers and try to get a story in on your topic. These people are always looking for good content. Make sure you get mentioned in the article and have a way for your prospects to contact you.
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    I would say get off your butt and hit the streets. Start doing drop-ins on local businesses. Pick up the phone and start making calls.

    Those are the best, and quickest, ways to drum up some business.
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    Try talking to your local organizations, such as Chamber of Commerce in your community. They always are looking for a monthly luncheon speaker, and it's a good opportunity to talk about SEO and rankings and what it can do for local businesses.

    Tell them how to do it in your presentation. Then, they'll see how tough it is (or they won't have time to do it) so they'll end up hiring you.

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    Along with facebook you can give ads in the news paper classifieds as it's local paper, and you can also give ads on popular local based sites. sites with already lot of local traffic will be better for you.
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    Thanks guys, these ideas are great.
    The CRO Pro :)
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    I would recommend to you to start using Social media at the beginning which much cost effective technique to promote business. You can also advertise in local newspapers, using email marketing, Press release on your local sites can drive attention of people towards you.
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    If you want to do marekting for local business then i would say local news paper ads is better way and even door to door marketing using marketing representatives is good too
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