Current SEO Ranking Strategies for 2013

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Are you having positive search engine rankings?

Is your website ranking on the 1st page of Google?

Share with the community some advice on what you did to get those rankings! Sometimes it is frustrating reading through hundreds of posts of do this and do that black hat vs white hat Matt Cutts vs the World etc.

I will start by saying, I currently have 30-40 websites being tracked and trying to rank on the 1st page. Currently about 9-12 websites have great results (80% of keywords on 1st page) and a majority of the websites are stuck on Page 2 or 3.

Here is what I did,
Sent out PRweb press releases, created Youtube videos with links in description, manually created Web 2.0 properties (about 8 per month for each website), ordered linkbuilding services from a trusted provider, used SEnuke on a few websites (those are not ranking currently for anything, lost whatever rankings they had 1 -2 weeks after SEnuke campaigns), set up rel=authorship tags for Google + profiles, and used GSA for tier 2 links.

So far I have some results/websites on the 1st page but it seems like this past few months has been much harder to rank than past years.

I invite you to share with us your methods, strategies, techniques, etc. Even if you did something that got your website penalized be share so we know what to avoid
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    Hey SoCal Digital,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with the community. It was interesting to read your overview of what you've done, both positive and negative experiences.

    I have personally had the greatest experience with guest blogging followed with generation of legit social signals and regular content publication on my blog. Not to mention I have thoroughly worked on on-site SEO prior to any link building.

    I noticed the turbulent Google dance about 2 months ago, since pretty much all of my websites have had large variations in rankings. When I say large, I mean from ranking the first in SERPs to dropping all the way to second page.

    I believe Google's continuously testing various algorithm thus it's impossible to rank the first constantly for more than couple of weeks. I have had situations where freshly added content at the website's blog resulted in progress of 10 spots up within the next 24 hours. Then the website would slowly drop down back to the old place in the following week.

    To sum this up - social signals, fresh and quality content and guest posts at reputable and high quality blogs worked the best for me. Notice that if you would like to apply this method, try not to publish your guest articles at random blogs, find established and high traffic web communities. And don't think of generating fake social signals, Google will find out and once they do - you will wish you never did it.
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    I'm having extremely positive search engine rankings using only 2 tactics:

    #1 - Proper Keyword Research

    I use Long Tail Pro - Watch the training videos and other videos people put out about things to look for when doing keyword research. This should take up a good deal of your time but it's worth it to start with the right kind of keywords to go after.

    #2 Moderate Backlinking From Quality Blogs

    I run a blog network I use personally and have friends who do the same. I put relevant links up on very high authority websites that don't appear to be in a blog network (because they're actually just very high quality blogs, some of which have ONLY 1 backlink in the author profile box) - And most of the time I can get a keyword ranking with just 2-4 backlinks like this because they're low competition keywords and high value domains.
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    Thanks for your great tips and advice as well. I think you are absolutely right about generating real social media engagement as well as quality guest posts. I have heard that using the rel=author tag on websites with blogs that have 40+ articles is really helping.

    To get the legit social signals are you just sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Google + and asking friends or followers questions to engage?

    Bent SEO,

    I heard private blog networks are working really well also. Is your blog network large and hosted on different servers? I would think that 2-4 really relevant backlinks would only be able to rank for low competition keywords.

    Thanks for the advice, let's keep sharing!

    Search engine optimization and social media marketing services

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      It's hard to generalize when it comes to guest posting. Just search for reputable websites. Not even the metrics people normally use are always that good indicator of website's quality.

      You will notice bunch of high PR websites with their domain authority lower than 20 or even 10... and they certainly have more than 40 articles published. You wouldn't really benefit from a link on such websites...

      You want to leave rel=author tag wherever you can. And you want to publish only at reputable websites. Identifying yourself as an author in SERPs does help but can be as well manipulated by fake social signals where I saw Google removing the authorship identification from spammed authors, despite the fact they had nothing to do with the spam but were victims to it.

      They would usually bring it back on shortly (the authorship ID) but you never know... thus watch where you publish. Maintain existing relationships with webmasters and try to develop as many new ones as you can. Try not to publish at spammy sites and try to get your backlinks from the article's body. Too many links from the footer and Google might deem them spam.
      Guest Post Experts is a company dedicated to providing top notch guest-blogging services. We create quality content and we publish it for you - sit back and watch your traffic flourish while your business grows!
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