How do you find niche related blogs for guest posting.

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I've been trying so hard to find blogs to guest post but so far no success. All blogs I found were pretty good looking sites and either denied, wanted money or never responded back to me. My niche is pretty huge there must people willing to accept guest post (unique and related content ofcourse).

What methods do you use to find niche related blogs? Like smaller blogs, more likely to accept guest post.
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    Register on hxxp://
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    Thanks zenichanin, I'll look into it.
    Any other ways to find niche related blogs?
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    You can try
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    I use a few resources:

    #1 - - There you can find list of the top blogs in X niche - I'll go through those and look for Alexa ranks under 20k.

    #2 - StumbleUpon - I stumble through categories related to my niche, picking apart those that again, have below 20k alexa ranking.

    Once I've compiled a list I'll look for other guest posters on the site and/or contact information about guest posting, then I already have usually 10 pieces of content ready and I'll contact the owners and essentially say "hey I have X,Y,Z content available for guest post for a link back, interested?"


    Usually will have to email say 50 blogs to get 10 high quality ones, but ALWAYS worth it. You can also modify your selection process if your focus is traffic from the article OR SEO benefits (i.e. only go after PR sites with good Domain authority and backlink profiles if your sole purpose is SEO)
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    OP search for footprints. There are thousands of footprints available to find guest blogging sites. You can either use Scrapebox or google search bar along with SEO Quack. Once found check PR, PA, DA, TF etc. using Netpeak. Choose best 50 or whatever amount you like. Start sending email to the admins.

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    Guest blogging can be an extremely consistent and fast way to build your email list and relationships with the people in your market.

    Sure, you need to get several things right to get 100+ subscribers from each guest post you write.
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    All You Need To Do Is Blogging 1 Hour A Day...!
    Lets Connect On FaceBook And I Will SHow You How You Can Use Blogging To Make Your Living !
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    You can search your niche related blogs on Blogger LinkUp – Bringing Bloggers Together also. It is a great resource.

    For latest SEO news, visit : SEO Blog

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