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Hi I was just hoping to nail down the thing with keyword rich domains.....would I be right in saying that they can certainly help with your placing in search results but only if in conjunction with a whole load of other factors good content and plenty of quality incoming links......but relying on them alone wouldn't make any difference at all.
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    You are late to the game. Google turned down the value of keyword rich domains last year . If you are thinking exact match domains are the ticket to ranking then you need to rethink your strategy.

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      Keywords are bad SEO. Google reads your page in more depth than that. To have any value you need to talk about your subject in complete sentences, with grammar!
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    If you think that you purchase domain name that same as your keyword than don't think about it. Don't waste your time for that. some year ago Google give the Exact Domain Match penalty for all the site that have the same targeting keyword and same domain name keyword.
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    Originally Posted by juan808 View Post

    ...would I be right in saying that they can certainly help with your placing in search results...
    They still help in Bing/Yahoo, but not so much in Google any more. My advice is to build a brand.
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    My two top performing sites are exact match domains. I'm still focusing on EMD because in my mind if I keep adding quality content and give them time they will work there way up. Many of my domains rank well in Bing and Yahoo. Most are on the 2nd-4th pages of SERP but not in Google.

    My problem is finding the best link building strategy or service? I haven't had much luck with anyone I've hired so far.
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    Domain name has no impact on SEO these days as the SE now rely upon the quality and uniqueness of the contents.
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    I think EMDs are fine so long as they're not ultra-spammy. For example, in my niche Gizmodo ranks for one of the top 5 most profitable keywords. But they're article is 2 years old and claims that a truly terrible brand is the best on the market. Even fairly spammy EMDs in the niche promote better brands than that, and some are run by very knowledgeable and helpful people.

    I registered an EMD about 4-5 months ago, started writing content for it about 2 weeks ago, and started building links to it about 10 days ago. It's already at #32 for a fairly competitive keyword with 5k monthly searches. I'm not going to say EMDs still work magic because who knows what Big G will do next. Their new massive cloud-sourced manual review efforts freak me out, as well as the massive amount of disavow data they have at their disposal. Sigh...

    "SEO is knowing what the search engines want and giving it to them… so hard they f***ing bleed" — Dave Naylor

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    I agreed to what mike anthony said,
    It was hot till last year, but it's of no use and no value. The Content is the king now, then comes backlinks.
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    I guess some people believe google is the only traffic source on the plant, go figure. Keyword rich domains still work when done correctly and not overly link building to the same keyword within your domain, try to build links to another keyword, and in doing that SERPS will natural help your domain rich keyword in the SERPS.
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