Got my forth cb sale today! Time to take it up a step.

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got my forth cb sale this morning,

I have been working with blogs, and using sub domains on my old domains to see if i can make money from this,

About 40 minutes ago i purchase my very first domain dedicated to promoting a good product through clickbank,

What would be YOUR STEPS? after purchasing this url to get high ranking on google,

I currently am trying to use long tail keywords, which i learnt the importance from bring the fresh (great ebook)

Do you ping your site? I have been using a few free ping sites but i don't see any benefit?


Also is it worth making it into a "lead page" and try and offer them a great offer from the product i.e free report or something.

Thank you everyone.
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    Also, Does anyone here use free backlinks? And if so what is the best site/program to use?
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    For backlinks I use social monkee from time to time.
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    will this help my visibility via google?
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    CB can be very profitable, you just have to be extremely picky about what CB products you promote. I never send traffic to a vendor sales page, I create my own sales pages then send my traffic directly to the CB checkout. It's pointless to sell traffic on a product (my own web page) then force that same traffic to look at another sales page (CB vendor sales page), then finally hope the vendor doesn't skim traffic on the CB vendor sales page (vendor email optin, vendor external links, etc...) before traffic ever makes it to the CB checkout page.

    I have a 14% conversion/sales rate average on CB. I keep the traffic flow simple/short:

    My sales page > CB checkout page.

    The biggest problem I have is finding legit evergreen products on the CB Marketplace, there's legit products on CB, you just have to dig to find them.

    For SEO I advise always build your own sales pages & rank your own sales page in Google SERPs. Look around this forum for learning how to silo your own sites web pages. Only build quality links. Have a quality site (think long term).

    Example, If I found an evergreen gardening product on CB, I would build out a legit gardening site that was related to the CB product, then promote my own sales page sitewide.
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