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I have couple of questions about directory submissions and about Title, and Descriptions.

For example, I have a website which is 7 months old. I have submitted my website into Yahoo directory, BOTW, and some of the other top directories. Almost, 30 directories I have currently which all of them pointing the homepage. I have not used any backlinks for my inner pages yet.

First Question: When i submitted my website homepage, I used the descriptions are all have the same text. And the title, some for "sports tourism" which is already ranking in the first page of Google. However, the second title of the homepage is "activity tourism" . I used the exact match title in most of the directory for "activity tourism" because i wanted to rank in the first page of Google for this keyword. I have not used the variations, because i didn't know if i had to. i didn't not use anchor text, because i think there is no permission for using anchor text for homepages in the paid directories?

So, the question is did i get penalty by Google? because all my inner pages and "activity tourism" keyword are ranking less then before, when i submitted to the directories.

Activity tourism keyword was ranking well, but now it is gone to somewhere between 7-9 page result in Google.

Why does this happen? Is this Google dance or a penalty for the website?

Second Question: Some of the directories I have such as "A Big Dir" and some of the others created hundreds of links with "activity tourism" though I hadn't intended that. Is this a good reason for penalty?
And I see some "very unrelated links" pointing to my website some with no-follow some with do-follow? Again, is this reason for penalty?

Please give me some idea, really appreciate for your suggestions.

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