Will Changing Menu Label With All-In-One SEO hurt my SEO Efforts?

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Would changing the menu label in the All-In-One SEO plugin hurt my SEO efforts? I'm trying to make my menu items look neater. For example, the title to one of my URL's is:


As you can imagine, the page title is a long title for a menu. If I use the change "menu title" feature will that hurt SEO? (The only place it would change the text is in the pull-down menu) when you hover over "Services".

I'd like to be to change it something "cleaner".

Appreciate your help!
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    If the nav shows up as plain text, it can sometimes help/hurt your SERP position, really depends on If you've done any other SEO. Adding/removing internal links to/from your existing ranked web pages is a big deal when it comes to SEO.

    Check your Google Cache here & you'll see the text/links that Google is looking at without all the clutter that's on the live web page (javascript, images, CSS styling, etc...). Always check the text version of the Google cache.
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    Yes it will hurt the rank in a couple of ways. Offsite links to that page will be 404's. Check your internal links as well. The rank attributed to that content will disappear. Go ahead and change the link. Then in .htaccess:

    RewriteEngine On
    Redirect 301 /old-url.htm http://www.example.com/new-url
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