Earning with PPC/Adsense etc. for charity stupid?

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Goodday warriors,

Is earning with PPC/Adsense etc. for charity stupid?

Let me tell me about myself:
I am Jimmy from the Netherlands and i am 26 years old.
I have a sleepingdisorder (Narcolepsy).
and it`s almost impossible to find a job, at the moment i work for a govermentfundet compagny but hope to get my own job and earn my own paycheck

Why for charity:
My mother died on cancer when i was 4/5 years old,
my father died on cancer when i was 16 on the second day of christmas.
so you can understand why i hate the disease and thats why i want something to do for it.

I am always doing things to collect money for it, like sponsorship walks, and sale things on marktplaats(dutch ebay) and the profit goes the Dutch cancer foundation,
and wanna spent more time on raising money, so i hope to find a job where i earn enough money to get around and can safe something, that i can spend my other time to Raise money for the Fight.

But it takes allot of time,
and i get allot of money earning info and mails in my emailbox, but when i look it up i see allot of scams but also allot of info that is true.

Allot of the offers are verry expensive ore are to difficult for me because i don`t know allot of al that marketing etc.
I had found someone a while ago who i thought was a person who i can thrust, he wanted to make a CPA/PPC automatedwebsites for me with al the things that i had only had to do was drive traffic to it.
I paid a little amount and the rest i could pay when i got earnings from the websites,
He sayed he wanted to help me with my quest for raising money for THE FIGHT against cancer.
But i got scammed he got away with my money

And other persons who sayed they were CPA/PPC/Adsense etc guru`s that i was a stupid idea to earn money this way for charity,

So i wanna know is it true that there is a way to get money online for a newby how dont know allot of internet marketing and website building.
  • If its true?!
  • Who has more info for me?
  • Who can help me build sites?
  • Who can help me to drive traffic?
Ok thanks that you read this post and i hope you can help me get started.
Everyone knows someone how died on Cancer so let`s fight this disease..



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    Hello Jimmy,I'm sorry to hear about your parents death,I think when something like that happens,happens for a reason which always include making us strong and more thankful for our short time in the earth.(everybody will die one day).

    It is possible to make a lot of money online,but that money will come with a lot work,I'm going to pm you with a name of the course that I learn a lot with,hope that helps.
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