Best Way To Track Conversions With Clickbank (SEO & PPC)

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Hey guys,

I'm currently promoting a clickbank product with my affiliate links on a blog I created.
I'm trying to rank the site through SEO and In the meantime I raised a campaign in adwords too until I'll get good rankings in the organic but I want to know which keywords convert best.
As an affiliate I know it's crucial to know exactly what is driving sales and where your sales are coming from.

My question is this,
What is the best way track conversions with clickbank?
I'm looking for something that will work for seo too.

I heard about tools like prosper202 and cpv lab.
And then there's also clickbank's "Integrated Sales Reporting" tool.

Are they all the same? which one do you recommend?
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    I've been building a product called TRANSCEND if you'd like to try it. I'll help set it up for free.

    What it does?
    Tracks clicks and conversion rates. You put a bit of code on the home page which captures the affiliate click information, and another code snippet on your "thank you" page.

    Why? I need to have 5-10 sites running on TRANSCEND for my partners to see value.
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    I don't have the option to put a tracking code on the vendor's thank you page
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      Using Google Analytics and creating an event to track clicks to the Clickbank offer would probably be your best bet here.
      Who else needs a SEO Client Dashboard for their SEO services ?
      Let your clients monitor their SEO campaigns (Rankings, Backlinks and Work Done)
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    I already have event tracking set up, I want to track the keywords that are actually making sales.
    Let's say my website ranks #1 for these keywords:
    keyword 1
    keyword 2

    and both these keywords are leading to the same page, how will I know which keyword is converting?
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  • Well,the difference between prosper202 and cpv lab,
    prosper202 is free but cpv lab is paid,
    For beginners prefers prosper202 because it free.
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    prosper202 works awesome just like any other paid one, so I use prosper202.
    it's working fine for free.
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    Do I have to install prosper202 on my host? I'm using shared hosting and I'm afraid it will heavily overload my server.
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