Focussed SEO for UK market? Hot or not?

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Hi Warriors,

Am based on the UK but most of my sites focus on the US market. Am now thinking about setting up some sites focussing on the on the UK market.

Do any Warriors specifically target the UK market?

Is a any better/any worse than a .com domain? Seems to be much more choice if you go for the domain.

How do you go about back linking. Do links from US sites carry as much weight as back links from UK sites?

Would be very grateful for your thoughts.


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    Not to sound funny but if you're hoping to make it in any SEO market you should already know the answers to those questions, but I know we are all learning as we go - that's a good thing and I hope you don't take it the wrong way.. it's just; if a client asks you questions like that while speaking over the phone, what's going to happen?


    A is better than a .com for the UK market and remember to host with a UK ISP (I myself have been in the UK SEO market for close to 12 years so I think I've got a good feeling of what you want to do).

    It is a hot market and it's getting hotter... some claim SEO business has increased 10 fold in recent years SEO Internet Marketing Skyrockets

    There's a lot of people offering SEO right now because there's so much demand but they nearly always overlook the importance of test pages.. at a minimum you'll need a couple of hundred test pages so you have a good idea of what changes are being made to algorithms and find ways to work with those changes.
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    Hi Mick,

    Many thanks for your advice but I think that you misunderstood the purpose of my original question. Firstly, I would never need to advise clients on this issue over the phone as I don't have any! The only websites that I ever design are my own. Secondly, I reckon that I'm pretty good at SEO - have many sites that rank well in the search engines for some moderately competitive keywords. HOWEVER, despite living in the UK I have never focussed an SEO campaign specifically targeted at the UK market - have always gone for .coms with an US ISP aiming for a good ranking in the US search results. US search listings are more competitive that any other country as (1) US is such a big country and therefore has a lot of residents trying to make money online and (2) internet marketers in virtually every other country are focussing all their efforts on the US market (including myself).

    Now, I've got ranking well the US search listings pretty much nailed. BUT, when it comes to the UK (with a domain) I am very inexperienced. You've already answered the question about vs .com - thank you. What is not clear to me though is whether back links from UK based sites carry more weight than backlinks from US based sites.

    Would appreciate any further feedback.



    Not trying to sell you anything :-)

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      Hey Andy,

      There is more consideration based on links from UK hosted sites to UK hosted sites, it kinda almost acts as a guide to say "hey, this site is for a UK audience."

      So - all things being equal (link value) - a collection of links from UK sites will help you rank better in say

      However, as always, a link is a link, so don't get links only from those sites, add some more from elsewhere for good measure.

      Also use Google Webmaster Tools to geotarget to the UK as that helps show your intentions.

      Hope that helps.

      Oh, and maybe I should have sabotaged you as you're in the UK too - er ignore the above - links from Iraq are the best to get :p He he.
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