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Does anybody have any experience on whether yahoo's content network is as targeted as Adwords?

I have recently begun using yahoo for some additional advertising and I noticed that a lot of the content clicks seem to be coming from obscure sites (just noticed a hit that came in from a horoscope site, and my niche has nothing to do with horoscopes).

At least Adwords seems to match you content ad fairly well with the niche.

Anyone have any experience on how well the Yahoo content network converts?
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    It seems as though you need hundreds of sites to start earning any meaningful income, or thousands of page loads a day.
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    If the sites are relatively new then it's normal for them to be indexed and de-indexed, they should come back in a few weeks.

    If they are established sites then you may have a problem. If you get 0 results using the "" command then you have 0 pages indexed and you may be banned from google. Check your Google Webmaster account as you may have messages or errors telling you why.
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    Yahoo's Publisher Network targeting is horrible.
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    Google's content network isn't very good. What do you expect Yahoo's quality going to be? Worse than bad.

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      Thanks Guys,

      I realized this when I started getting double the impressions on Yahoo as I was getting on Adwords. I did not think that there would be twice the relevant sites on Yahoo as there was on Adwords and so realized that Yahoo must not be very selective about where they show a content ad. I know I know you don't have to be a rocket scientist to work that out but.

      Also with yahoo content I am getting a .1% CTR and the same Adwords content ad gets over 1.0%.

      I don't know if Yahoo is worth persisting with...I find its control panel really clunky and hard to navigate.
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