Should I build links for home page even if it redirects to a deep page?

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I'm sorry for the long title but I was trying to describe the problem in it.
The problem that I do have an
My root domain redirects to a /fr (The french language page)
so if I type it redirects automatically to

So my Question is:
Is it wrong or will not help that much if 80% of my links were built using the root domain before I make this redirection?

If it's not, can I continue link building for the root domain or it's preferred to make the backlinks refer to the /fr ???

Thank you
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    In my opinnion that is the right way to do this.
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    It probably won't hurt to make backlinks for both domains.


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    I would link to the root domain just in case if you ever decided to not redirect to /fr any more. Then you don't risk having links going to a dead page.
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      I guess the best way then is to build like 80% for the deep page and 20% for the root domain.
      Thank you all so much
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