Is there a way to see the historic prices for Google PPC clicks. By week/month/year in the past?

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Hi guys,

This is a bit of an odd question,

But is there a way of seeing the historic prices for clicks for Google PPC...

For example. Say I am looking at a keyword that today has a cost per click of £ there a way of seeing a breakdown of what the cost was over the last year, like as a graph..

Is there any online software ect that has compiled that info...I know there are some pretty in depth PPC competitor analysis tools out there, have any of them been collected data historically...

It doesnt seem likely, but I thought it was worth asking..

Look forward to your replies on this,
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    With a Google search I found a thread on another site that suggested that Search Marketing Research & Tracking | SpyFu SEM Tools has what you're after. Of course you should ask them the question directly before you purchase anything.

    I mentor in CPA marketing, especially lead generation. PM me for info.

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