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About 6 months ago I had good success with ppc adcenter/bing
promoting my own product/offer.

After sometime off I've come back and I'm having issues with quality
score of my sales page.

The problem is it's a video sales page - like most traditional video
sales pages it has a headline, the video and a small paragraph below.

Despite the fact there's a 30min video on the page bing is giving
me a low quality score.

I've split tested a written sales page vs video sales page, and
the video sales page does better.

I see ads both on google and bing sending traffic to video sales letters
all the time.

Any advice on how to deal with this?

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    I know a lot of people will set it up pointing to a redirect to a sales letter, once approved they'll change the redirect to point to a video sales page anyway. I'm not recommending you do this, but I definitely DO know that some marketers are doing it.

    Otherwise you could try directly contacting them about it.
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    With split testing or changing content on pages sometimes a text rich page can be changed to have less text - the quality score may lag for a while but eventually the new page will register and you'll be stuck with a low quality score.
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