Old adsense account banned, new account approved!!... after almost 4 years.....

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I lot my Adsense account last September 2009. I tried several attempts to recover it, recreate another account, and even paying other people multiple times to create an account for me. All of those tricks failed.... The last time I tried was January 2010 and I did applied with one of my old sites... I received no response whatsoever and even forgotten that associated email address...

Although losing a high-earning Adsense account had a devastating effect for months, I recovered my earnings and continues to do well with other activities. Six days ago, I stumbled into one of my forgotten email addresses. I was able to log-in and found a message from Adsense dated January 2010 telling me that my Adsense was not approved due to unacceptable site content. Out of nowhere I checked and replaced the site with a 1-year old active authority site that I've been promoting for a while now. Within 48 hours, Adsense approved my account!!!!

Within 3 days now, I am starting to see a handsome $$ in my new Adsense account!!

The lesson?
There is no way to have another account unless you follow the right process, with the right and correct website, and possibly with the new IP address. I changed my Internet provider just 4 months ago and I think that is another reason. I still use the same address and the same name, and contact information....

Forget those banned sites... Create new and TOS-compliant website and re-apply following the normal process..
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