What Steps do I take to recover a site from Panda/Penguin circa 2011?

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I have a website that I haven't done much of anything with since Panda hit in April 2011. It was hit then and hit again in October 2011 when Penguin hit.

At the time I just got busy building other sites and didn't stay focused with this one. This one was (and still is) my most profitable, but I'm currently not sure how to dig it out of its penalty position.

It is a quality site and has all original content, but I bought a couple/few backlinking packages here on the forum in late 2010 and early 2011 and the next thing I knew - bye bye rankings.

The Facebook page is on Google's first page, but the site itself is not even in the first ten pages for the main keyword. I have some serious work to do.

I know to continue adding good quality content and good, natural, manual backlinks, but how do I begin to look for what the problem was that caused the penalty, and remove bad links?

What tools can I use to find all the site's links and which ones do I want to get rid of? I mean, I know some of the more obvious ones, but what 'else' should I look for? I hear of people doing this (where I didn't over a year ago, which is why I was kind of giving up on it). All the advise then seemed to be 'just add more good quality content'. But I want to undo the penalty altogether!

What else besides Google disavaow could I use? Or is there a really reputable SEO service that does exactly this, that you would recommend?

The website is an html site and I am in the process of rebuilding it with WordPress. I think that might help.

I seriously want to get this website back in the running again. So I appreciate all the suggestions and help you can offer.

Thanks you.
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    I'm hoping to get work done on this site this weekend, so I would really appreciate the advise and suggestions of people that have experience cleaning up a link profile.

    I'm hoping an SEO expert that has cleaned up other link profiles and helped other websites dig out from these penalties, will be able to give me some pointers.

    All help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    I am using a company based in India called wildnettechnolgies together with a fellow Warrior, seolutions.biz. It is costing me quite a bit but so far seems to be worth the spend.
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    Google disavow is thereabouts the best for disregarding a link that you can't manually remove or contact the owners to delete.

    Use can also use backlink checker tools like ahrefs and SEOSpyGlass to analyze your link profile and identify the poor links.
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    May be you did not see this :

    Warrior Forum

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      Take a look at some Google Panda and Google Penguin presentations. Read some blogs and articles related to panda and penguin updates, So that you will get some ideas.
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  • You will need to keep yourself updated of the DOs and DONT's of SEO based from the Panda and Penguin updates. I suggest have a checklist of all the important things discussed on these updates and then try to analyze your website and check if you are violating any rules mentioned in G's updates.

    As for cleaning up your bad links, you can use baclink checker like Traffic Travis or Majestic SEO. These tools provide you the backlinks for your site. Get rid of low PR links. This may be a hard work but it pays off.

    And yes I agree with johnben1444 Google disavow is the way to get your site back to rankings.

    You have to have lots of patience on this one since it'll definitely take some time to recover from the hit.
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    Recovering from Penalties, Penguin, and Panda, looked at the types of Google penalties and algorithm updates that can impact your site. For panda recovering the content must be well written, using good grammar and of no less than around 600 words or more. For penguin recovering Conduct a back link analysis and work on link pruning, and reclamation. And more.
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    If your website hit by Google penguin, then you should remove all the backlinks which you had created.
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