Ranking top 3 in Bing and Yahoo - Ranking in Google at first then disappearing

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OK people, I need some advice here because I'm almost convinced Google has something against me.

I've been building a number of new micro niche sites, and doing white hat seo.
All manual good quality stuff.

I currently have a hand full of sites all ranking in the top 3 positions on yahoo and bing. The same sites did show up in Google around page 2-3 for a couple weeks and then disappeared. They are not even in the top 1000 results now.

Take into account the sites are only a couple months old. Plus the keywords I picked are all very low competition when it comes to the top ten results. (majority of sites pr0-2 with under 100 backlinks to page, and not targeting the keyword in h1, description and title)

Is this something that happens to others? Or is this just because the sites are new and need a lot more backlinking done to them. Its just strange to me that I can have a site ranking first on bing, but not even in the top 1000 results on Google!
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    Originally Posted by AlexGeorge View Post

    . Its just strange to me that I can have a site ranking first on bing, but not even in the top 1000 results on Google!

    Not even close to being uncommon. Much easier to rank on Bing. By the way - you are not doing white hat SEO. I don't know where this myth came from but white has nothing to do with manual over automated. You are not getting many natural organic looks to your micro niche sites but building them yourself - that is not white hat.

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      Bing and Google are using the same link signals to rank your pages for a specific keywords. The difference is that Google constantly applies new updates to their algorithms so the rankings could fluctuate. Bing doesn't.

      Do some more link building. As a matter of fact there can be a numerous reasons, why your websites' rankings dropped.
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      Hi thanks for clearing that up. I think the myth came from all the sales threads offering "white hat" SEO. That's probably where I got it from anyway. I'm getting guest posts and manual blog comments on niche relevant blogs done, as well as some social media promotions.
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    Doing nothing (external link building) to influence SERPs = Whitehat
    Doing something (external link building) to influence SERPs = Blackhat

    There's no real in between in Googles eyes. Whether you or a tool build those links to influence SERPs, they class as Blackhat.

    Yahoo and Bing are a long way behind on the whole spam thing.
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    i think you need to diversify the anchors, build more links for your brand domain name using your domain as anchor www.domain.com, domain.com to look more narural your link profile.
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    It's normal, my new niche site is jumping all over the place from being on page 1. If you keep doing what you are doing, you will see it rise up again and most likely higher. It just takes time, good content and slow link building to stabilize it.
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