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So, pretty sure craigslist has ghosted my account. Also got an email from a "flagger" which i will give you guys and girls to read lol. Here is what the flagger sent me via email. Hope you guys laugh.

YOUR LINK GAVE ME A VIRUS!!!!!!!!!!! I should sue you ! It infected my computer, then gave me bed bugs, killed my goldfish, gave my cat hemorrhoids and caused the pilot light to go out on my stove!

Don't put links in your ad because I'll flag them every time....


Signed , One Psycho Beeeatch..................

Anyways! I am going to give paid ads on "Plenty of Fish" a try, yes i have watched a training video and looked up forums posts and i am still not quite understanding it fully. Here are my questions below about it.

1. What exactly are you advertising on Plenty Of Fish? (i have CPA offers i can advertise) Are CPA offers sufficient to advertise or is this for people with established websites of their own?
2. Do you create the image / creative your self? If so which program? I use PowerPoint for images.
3. What happens when i only spend the minimum of $5 for advertising?

Alright thanks guys. Hope to talk with you.
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    1. You can use Clickbank or CPA Offers. You don't necessarily need a domain to make it work. Most people use squeeze pages which then leads to your CPA offer.

    2. Most people just look up images on the internet. Test as many images as you can. The more you, the better, because you'll more likely find a winning image.

    3. Nothing. Your ad will just stop showing once you've passed the daily limit that you've set.
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      I understand now, just need to understand the math part of it now. The youtube guide i found and one other guide on here is pretty good for that.

      Do any other offers work on POF? I don't have any dating offers on my CPA networks lol. What about beauty supplies? (really nice offer page) If not i guess i will have to join another network.
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    Expect to spend $50-100 dollars on just testing 1 offer for a week.
    You will likely want to run a New offer for at least a week. We cant Tell really much from a few clicks. Plus that is Just Testing, not alone optimizing and making money back. Do a Quick Search on Google, or on Warrior. You will find a Ton of articles on POF marketing.
    Best thing you can do for yourself is upload 200-500 dollars. Learn How Paid Traffic works, dont expect to make that money back, think of it as paying for school.
    Good Luck
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