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Some of these questions re WP site SEO are probably dumb and hopefully some are not so dumb. I have a number of questions but I figured I may as well ask them all in one place instead of making separate posts:

Is there any particular reason to make something a Page or a Post in terms of SEO? Is it that a Page is more of a central, important part of the site whereas a post is more "blog like", temporary or news-like in nature?

Does it help the Silo structure to divide the site into pages and posts? I'm not really clear on when to make a page and when to make a post.

Regarding on page SEO:

There is a lot of talk about how Google no longer looks at on page seo the same way it used to. In light of this, is a plug in such as AllInOne SEO plug in or clickbump seo plug in that encourages H1, H2, image Alt names, and a percentage of keywords, first and last line keywords, etc. still best practice?

If so, what in your opinion, should we set our % for keywords at in the Hummingbird, post-Penguin algorithm world? 1%? 2%? Are there ANY changes to these "seo factors" (as given in these seo plug ins like allinone, yoast, clickbump) that we should make, or not pay attention to based on the most current post-Penguin and Hummingbird SEO best practices?

Should we for example include more LSI phrases instead of focusing on the basic keyword for a page? Is it best to have, say 1% keyword phrases or is it best to have less than that and then add various other long-tail phrases to the page instead of some of those main keywords?

When setting up my About, Contact etc pages, is it best to ignore SEO and just write a short paragraph or two? (ie. length of content, keywords, etc don't matter?) Do I still need H1 and H2, H3 etc tags on these About, Contact etc. pages that are really only there for pragmatic purposes?

One SEO expert told me:
"make sure your home page has plenty of good content". I agree that the SITE should have lots of good content. However I am wondering if it's that important for the Home page to have, say 500 words or more of content on it? Or can it just serve as a well-organized Hub to jump to content from?

The site which is a top seller in my niche and has google page one rankings on the most important keywords, has under 150 words of content on their home page, and basically it is just a clean well organized landing page that then allows you to choose where you want to go with 8 image/text links, which the visitor can click to choose which type of product or info he wants to find out more about. The site itself has a lot of great content but the Home page has little.

To me this makes sense. It's clean and well organized and from there you can focus on whatever further info you want by clicking the appropriate link. Google seems to think so as well based on the page 1 ranking. But then again I think google is sometimes totally without logic or reason and the "rules" it says to follow often do not result in p1 rankings while sites that do not follow them at all end up on p1. So should I have 500+ words of content on my home page or can I use it as a hub linking to more in-depth pages?

I am not opposed to putting 500 words of content or more on the home page if that is the best thing to do. I just am questioning, based on the above site in my niche, if it is really necessary and if having a nice clean well organized home page from which you can choose where to go for more info, is not just as good, maybe better. Why bombard them with info? Maybe it's best to let the visitor choose which pages to view?

From my own observations I think backlinks and page rank score have much more to do with p.1 rankings than on site seo does.

Comments welcome from any and all! Please state if you have any evidence and experience to support your position!
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