"Your site has been assigned special crawl rate settings." Did I do something wrong?

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Hi guys,

I'm a noob, tried to search the forum didn't find anything (fast enough) so please be kind with your flaming. Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong forum.

I got this message from Google Webmaster Tools:
"Your site has been assigned special crawl rate settings. You will not be able to change the crawl rate."

To be honest, I don't really know enough to even want to change the crawl rate, but I'm definitely curious to know whether this means I've done something to upset Google?

My site is weeklypodcast dot net. I try to publish 4 articles every day at the same times but obviously I miss some every now and then.

Any comments will be very much appreciated!

Thanks guys.
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    Did you set any crawl rate? If google finds a "better" crawl rate,
    that's what they'll do. Some sites they determine that allowing you
    to change it is counterproductive, or, isn't worth the extra time for
    them or the extra server load.

    Do you have zillions of pages? Many times google feels that unless
    you have a name brand, authority site, no one is ever going to
    generate millions of "useful" pages.

    I don't know 100% if this is some type of penalty, but it could be looked
    upon as such. They are saying we'll crawl it when we are good and ready.

    Might make getting new pages indexed next to impossible.

    No matter how you slice it, it is some algorithm taking action on your site.

    Interesting topic, however, that gets no ink here.

    I'd like some other takes.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Hey thanks for the reply.

    I never set any different crawl rate, I didn't even realise you could do that.

    I found on GWT that I have 2,099 pages indexed by Google.

    I have also attached here a screenshot of the 'Crawl Stats', I hope this helps formulate opinions.

    I stopped publishing on the site for a month or so but started again a few weeks ago.

    If I'm getting banned by Google that would suck!
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    Either you created a custom crawl rate in GWT, or you submitted an xml sitemap that includes a custom crawl rate.

    Your site is still indexed, doesn't look like anything is wrong so no need to panic.

    Your index page was cached less than 24 hours ago (Nov 24, 2013).
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    Cool! Not concerned about it then. Thanks a ton guys
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