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Hi Warriors:

Hope the weekend was a great one.

Some questions about the numerous Warrior Special Offers (or any) that talk about YouTube Video/Keywords/Rank It/ Make ZZZZ per month.

I see all the time offers to create a video including popular niches and you will make money. Where I am perplexed is doesn't the niche and the keywords get over-saturated?

For instance let us say I wanted to create a video tonight on (I'm using Make Money On Line since it is the Warrior Forum) Make Money On Line.

I upload a video and talk about making money on line and there is a great product to help called John Doe's ZZZZZZ.

In the tags for the video I put the amount YouTube allows and in the description I put x number of keywords.

Since there are already 1 trillion videos for Make Money On Line, Health, Sports, Music, Copywriting, etc., how are any of the Video E-Books/Courses are able to circumvent me using the same keywords as the rest of the universe?

I could understand better if the niche is not popular. Am I off base or would it be easier to take something with less competition (obviously I'm kidding here) Baseball on the Moon. While there are less people looking for that wouldn't those that are find my video easier than something on making money, politics, TV Shows, etc?

I obviously am missing something because I can't believe nobody in 2013 can be successful with popular niches. What are the successful courses/E-Books doing so people can rank videos in the niche of their choice (nothing blackhat)?

Thank you as always for your time.
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    You have to get really creative. Think of the words people might search for naturally, not necessarily the most common keywords. Use longtail keywords (4 or 5 words instead of 2 or 3).

    A good course for Youtube in general that helped me a lot and gets me results now is called Tuberaider Masterclass. It was on this forum...not sure if it is anymore, but you could search for it.
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    Yes, long tail keyword is the way to play this tough game going forward.
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      Hi Dotgirish:

      Thanks for the insight.

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