Struggling with keyword research, and Google Keyword Planner

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To get in the search rankings faster, I am really considering upping my social media. The last couple of weeks, I have been trying to get subscribers as many friends, and followers on various social media sites - Youtube(464 subscribers in the past 6 years), Twitter(42 followers), Instagram (10 followers), and Google+(92 followers), and Facebook(153 friends)

I look at how some websites have a bunch of keywords instead of just one keyword, and they usually have both low competition and high competition keywords, instead of just one or the other.

The thing is, I am trying to rank for a title/keyword for a ebook I am doing for Amazon Kindle, and its pretty hard to come up with a compelling title, that enough people will search for.

I am trying to figure out how to properly use keywords in Google Keyword Planner.

When I look at low competition keywords with as low as 150 searches per month and a CPC of say .50 cents , do you think that is good to rank for, and eventually get a lot of people to my site? If I chose that one, could those searches per month increase as I use social media from my YouTube page and other social media sites to backlink to my website with the book that i am writing? How well would this idea work?

Or should I rank for something with still low competition, but say 1,500 searches per month, and cost per click of say .70 cents?

The problem with some of these is that even with low competition keywords, when I do a search for that keyword in google, the search results may be too high 240, 000, 000 for example.

Then if I do Allintitle: it might limit it down to like for example 60, 000 search results.

Then again, I see people that just make up a keyword that no one would ever search for, but yet they have quite a lot of social media followers, and eventually if they get enough backlinks and likes from social media, they eventually get a lot of searches for that keyword, which translates into more traffic and buying. Since the keyword has gone viral, now its a popular search term that almost everyone searches for.
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    Look guys, i need your help
    please someone help me to catch and choose good keywords which can make my pages on the first page of google engine ....
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