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I have uploaded a number of videos (keyword in video file: keyword.mp4, in the tile, description & tags).

Once all of the above is completed, is there anywhere to go to get the video indexed so I can tell if it will rank in G with on-page optimization alone.

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    If you submitted the video to Youtube & the video is public, it will get indexed on it's own, ranking is a whole other deal.
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    Video on Youtube tend to get indexed fairly quickly on their own without doing anything special. If you can't wait you can go to Google keyword planner tool and put the video URL in the website text box and Google will crawl and index site. You could also try submitting the URL to Google using the submit url in webmasters tool
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    Few video optimization tips:
    You have to write proper title description (with keywords) for your video.
    You should increase likes and views of video
    Share your video in social media especially in Google Plus.
    You can do SBM, Microblogging etc for your video.
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    you can share your video on twitter facebook and other social media site
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      Originally Posted by nipon View Post

      Google would like you to use the on-page markup for videos.The markup is a few lines of HTML code that you will need to input on pages with video content.Google recommends marking up your video content with as many tags as possible
      Good luck with all that, xml is faster/better.
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    It should be done automatically on youtube by google
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