How does a non-registered domain have an alexa rank??

by kangen333 2 replies

I've been noticing that there is this domain, that is available to register, is consistently having a alexa rank and is even getting a better score occasionally without any drop whatsoever.

Might this be because of existing backlinks the url has?

.. I thought a domain name has to be online in order to have an alexa rank etc.
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    I would surmise that it's been registered in the past and has a residual rank.
    But that's interesting indeed.

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      Alexa rankings are not based on backlinks.

      Who in their right mind is checking alexa rank consistently
      on some domain that may or may not be online?

      Do you people watch grass grow as well?

      You know what is really, REALLY funny about this? Nobody ever
      complains when alexa changes their ranking system....


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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