Very important question. Please help

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Hello people.

it could be stupid question for some people "SORRY FOR THAT "but for me it will be very helpful.

The question is :

if Google key word planner & other trusted software say that this keyword gets 4000 searches a month. how many clicks i could get if my website was on the first page of Google? lets say my website was the third or forth on the first page, what is the potential visits to my site? can we tell?

2nd part:
lets say that i can get 4000 people to my website every month targeting 3 keywords and my website is only 3 pages About me, contact me, nice Sales Page? i mean genuine looking website. is it guaranteed or easy to make 50 sales every month from those 4000 visits? is there any rule or if any one tried it before?

i mean here, is there any rule that says for any affiliate product
50 click = 1 sale
100 click = 2 sales

lets say that ClickBanK gravity for it was the highest. is there any guarantee to make sales like that?

It could be messy question but if you got the idea and you can help me please do.

Thank you very much.
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    is there any guarantee to make sales like that?
    Nothing is guaranteed, your best bet will be to go for it and test it yourself. We can only guess how many clicks, or how much money you will make.

    i mean here, is there any rule that says for any affiliate product
    50 click = 1 sale
    100 click = 2 sales
    That is not a rule, that is just a guesstimate. Your stats can vary, can be higher or lower, you just have to keep testing to see what works..

    Everything looks good on paper, until you start to implement it.
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    Alex is right. It all depends on too many factors, like your niche, your offer/product, are your keywords "buying" keywords, etc.

    Example that number of clicks means nothing:
    I set up an adwords ad to test a teespring shirt with a current (at the time) popular term on it. I set a minimum bid of 30 cents, but google wanted a minimum of $7.25. I said forget it, but I forgot to pause the ad. When I saw a charge on my credit card, I went back in and found they had lowered their minimum and I had racked up 1390 clicks at an average of 10 cents a click.

    Guess what? Not one single commit to buy a shirt. Colossal crash and burn and a waste of money. But it's how we learn. If I had been on target with my shirt, it could have been a sweet payoff.
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      What I have learned is not to count my eggs before they hatch--things are never as they appear! The Google search # might look nice, but I've been on the first page and never gotten near the # of visitors that Google says is searching for a certain keyword...Likewise, getting to the front page with Google can be very tough, and if you're looking to make a dependable income with your website, you might also look into paid traffic in addition to any SEO that you might be thinking about implementing...

      As far as the sales, a lot of it too depends on your sales page and how much prepping and pre-selling you are doing to the buyer, in order to get him/her into the mindset of purchasing a product...

      You will have to do a lot of testing and tweaking to see what works--but in the end it could be worth it! Lots of luck to you Marjorie
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