Passing AdWords Exam For Others And Other Things???!!

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Hello Warriors,

there are some services like Gigbucks, Tenner, Fiverr etc. on which people are offering that they will pass the exam for someone for some amount of money ($5, 10, 20 etc. it doesn't matter).

What's your opinion on that?

What do you think Google would do if they find out that people are buying the exams and other ones are selling it?

Would they just ban your account or what? I tried Googling it but I can't find anything like that.

Maybe it's not such a big deal, because there are people scaming Google and themselves in terms of Adsense (automated clicks, robots etc.), SEO (blackhat link-building, 10000 of worthless backlinks in just 1 day etc.) and other stuff, and all Google do is ban their account.

Shouldn't they be stricter about it?
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    What's the value in pretending to know what you are doing?
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    What are those exams and what's the benefit from them according to you?

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    Exactly, but in the real world, as long as scaming is allowed people will do it and they are not the only ones that will suffer.

    Lets say you own ppc agency and don't want to learn for Adwords, you hire someone, they pass the exam, you are certified and everybody is happy except some buyer who will hire your agency to do ppc campaign.

    Also, there is scaming in SEO, people (agencies) buy/sell tones of backlinks and again buyers will suffer.

    But why Google is don't care about it, maybe they are but not too much.
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    Why would Google care your cheating on some silly exam, when you can't deliver you'll only have one hit wonder clients that'll never return to you, give you bad comments on sites like hxxp:// & similar review sites, which that site ranks negative comments very easily for business names.

    Burn your bridges & be done with it.
    Be your best self. - Darryl Philbin
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    Why don't you try to pass it yourself? I am sure you will learn something new, which will pay back in the future.

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    Instagram: svetod

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