What is the REAL TRUE way yo get to the top of Google????

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Hi guys,

Serious question--While I am still a newbie marketer, I know that the true way to getting lots of traffic is to be at the top of a google search. I saw a recent video on youtube where a guy was making a ton of money of a simple 1 page wordpress blog that promoted a clickbank product. There was very minimal content on the page, but his SEO was amazing b/c everytime someone types in his keyword he was right at the very top.

Well, I'm a newbie, but I need to know how to get in the google searches.

Let's hear it, I appreciate all the comments, thanks.
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    Read through all the previous threads. You will learn tonnes. But for me its content then backlinks in that order and you cant go far wrong.
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    • Originally Posted by lkears11 View Post

      Read through all the previous threads. You will learn tonnes. But for me its content then backlinks in that order and you cant go far wrong.
      What's an easy, free way to add backlinks?
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    Who exactly do you represent here?

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      Originally Posted by Kevin Maguire View Post

      Who exactly do you represent here?

      Yeah, I am also curious... Your username looks interesting for a person that DOES NOT know anything about SEO... And also, it would be a much better idea first to look at other threads, read them, read different forums, there is NO answer for your question about how to get on the TOP. It's a long process and sometimes difficult (especially if the keyword has HIGH competition!)

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    good onpage optimization, good quality backlinks, social media, and quality content.
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      Shortly summarized:

      - Great content that people like to share
      - Solid onpage SEO (no KW stuffing though) but silo structures, supporting pages
      - Strong back links at high PR pages
      - Sharing your posts at social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google+
      - Updating your blog on regular base (not a must but freshness does seem to play a role these days).

      You can also still get away without the freshness and social media stuff, it's not a must.
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    Backlink is not appreciated from Google, focus on content and keywords is an important step. You should not skip this step.
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  • I agree with nik0 - because the example you gave is the type of site that will disappear from Google overnight

    Build something "solid" - I only build silo sites nowadays - because they rank well and don't need many external back-links in order to rank

    I'd have the front of site as a WordPress silo site - with a "normal" blog in a directory of the root - site.com/site-blog/ - and use it for keeping the site fresh with related news items, and also to self-promote the silo site's pages with related in-content keyword hyperlinks

    Automatic WordPress Silo Site Plugin and Theme Packages (siloplugin.com)

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      There are many ways to do it but most of them require lots of back links, do this, that...kind boring. I rank most of my keywords in the first page of Google in 24 hours or less without much struggle...

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    lol whats wrong with his username? It DOES say newbie.
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    When was that video filmed? I find it rather hard to believe that somebody ranked a 1-pager for a proper money making keyword in this day and age.

    To answer your question, though, you need a lot of top notch content and quite a few quality backlinks as well as social signals.
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    make your website SEO friendly and make the content worthy for others.
    And then promote it with some high quality backlinks.
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