Penguin - take down links from my own sites or try changing the anchor text first?

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A quick question. For a penguin hit site, should I first try changing the anchor texts from my own other blogs/websites pointed to the (penguin hit) site, or should I just take them all down?One of my sites was hit definitely because it has a lot of backlinks with the same anchor texts, so if the percentage of the same anchor text drops, it might revive (there is no manual penalty). I am thinking of changing the anchor to my domain name,site name,URL etc.

However, I am not sure this action might flag Google (though the site is already flagged), because the anchor texts of many backlinks change all of a sudden.

Should I just take them down? My sites and blogs are actually good quality and blogs have good content with many articles. They are not interlinked each other and some have their own "natural" backlinls.

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