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Hello Fellow Warriors;

I was reading a blog by Patrick Nelson tonight who shared some great info on Google's new Tool they rolled out this month - under "Show Options".

The Google Wonder Wheel

This unique tool lets you - for the first time ever - to see how Google "relates" information (keyword search phrases) around and to your original search query.

The idea behind the Wonder Wheel is that it is intended to provide more relevant and broader search results by displaying the "visual relationships" between the search terms as they are stored in Google's databases.

The ability to delve deeper and deeper into Google's database in such a visually oriented way enables SEO consultants to get right to the heart of the purpose behind any search.

In other words, it makes it easier to find out what the searchers intent is, to understand what they're thinking about and how their thought processes develop as they continue to search and to construct search queries.

Some other new features is Videos (which you can sort by their length of play and when they were posted), Forums and Reviews.

Time sorting

By clicking All results at the top of the options list, you'll notice that you can sort these results by time, showing what Google has recently indexed and how recently they indexed it. This is powerful and useful stuff, making it easier than ever to track the progress of web pages throughout an SEO campaign and also to see how Google treats new content and how quickly they update their indexes on certain pages.

I've been playing around with the Wonder Wheel and was wondering if anyone was aware of it???

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