What are these `prerelease` domains on namejet all at $69 ??

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Hi guys,

As the title says I`m just using register compass for the first time and keep seeing good domains all at $69 on namejet and there under `prerelease` ?

What are they ?

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    They are not being sold for $69. It is a minimum of $69 to get in on the auction. You have to submit a bid of at least $69 to be included. Once the actual auction starts, they usually go for a few days, and if the domain is any good it will likely go for much higher than $69.
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      Unfortunately Thats their totally manufactured minimum bid to make sure they get cash which is why you don't want to go looking over there for PR3s or lower (well occasionally a very good PR3).

      Like Mike said its kind of a preauction but the good thing abut that is that when the real auction starts only the former prebidders can bid.Its not like Godaddy where new people can jump in at the last minute and bid things up.

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    Forgot to mention that the $69 is not committed either if you lose. Only the auction winner pays any money.
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    Guys thank you very much !, While I`ve got 2 of the top posters on here could either of you just help me out with another question, I just want to know how you guys check the link profiles of these domains I mean is there an easy way to do it ?

    Right now it all seems like a massive task to check how many sites are linking to the domain then taking the first domain and checking how many times that site links to the domain and how many backlinks are on that site wow its mindbending, Should I buy SEO spyglass ?

    Thanks so much
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    mike is 100% correct. they are the starting bid for a domain that you can capture before it's "released" which is great for SEO and building a network out. However if they are good quality domains they will go for more than $69 bucks.
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