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Hello ladies and gents,
It seems that Bing is a jealous partner, I haven't focused on it lately and it is scornful of me and mine now.
I am trying to promote a few weight loss products, I have searched hard for some decent ones and I try to provide quality info and refrain from being too ridiculous in my statements.
When I try to bid on certain keywords, like "top rated diet pills" , "pills for weight loss" , "weight loss diet pill" , the ad diagnostic tool is saying that my ad is not showing because of low landing page relevance. Bing's suggestion is "Change your landing page to accurately reflect the intent of the keyword."
One of the keywords, "top rated diet pills" has a 1.56% density on the page. The page itself features 2 products with reviews, videos, pictures; that means that 1/2 of the content is original and 1/2 is copied from the vendor's page(I can not provide my own reviews). Could that be the problem?
Or maybe it is the fact that the page should feature more than 2 products? The page definitely features weight loss products, is part of a website which I launched with 7 original articles about weight loss.
Does anyone know how the landing page relevance is established and can you give a few examples of "keyword intent"?
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