Anyone use blog engage?

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Is it worth it to have backlinks to your blog?

It looks like their standard account is 20 bucks, not sure how it helps with seo but someone recommended I make backlinks to my blog posts to add diversity to site backlinks.

Is blog engage worth it? Does it help seo at all?

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    When using Blog Engage you naturally gain backlinks, this is something that will happen simply while sharing your posts, commenting and engaging with others. It's a great way to naturally build some additional backlinks but it shouldn't be your only method! I also suggest doing some guest blogging and adding a link or two within your posts.

    Building backlinks should take time and be as natural as possible. Blog Engage will help but it's only one part of an entire backlinking marketing strategy.

    I must also point out I am the owner of Blog Engage and I feel you should know that and take my reply as you see best fit. I tired my best to remain non bias but I think it's almost impossible.
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    "Is it worth it to have backlinks to your blog?"
    Wow! A blog without backlinks is a dead man walking, for a better understanding, try reading blogs like moz, pointblankSEO.
    Better for "linkbuilding techniques" on google and have a cup of coffee while reading (pointblankseo dominated first spot)

    As for blogengage, I'm a member there and it has help in boosting my blog traffic and ranking, both referral and organic. I wish I could explain better but this post should help: The best blogging community to promote your blog - viralwriter
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    Backlinks need to be diversified, and you need to get them from as many unique domains and sites as possible. So I don't rely on Blog Engage as my sole backlink source, but Blog Engage does a great job of syndicating your content and getting all the information in front of more eyes, because your content also gets shared on Twitter/Facebook if it is engaging and gets voted up.

    Backlinks are only one method of diversification and Blog Engage I found has benefits above and beyond simple backlinks, these include the new YouTube syndication which I did an article about here: The All New Blog Engage with YouTube Syndication

    Basically since they implemented this my YouTube videos syndicate into BE and are shared on all their social media accounts, this has brought new subscribers/more views and attention to my YouTube channel.

    The sharing and social media engagement is also a key factor, the Facebook group is very beneficial for new bloggers right off the bat. Though Blog Engage primary focus is building backlinks and I have over ten thousand from Blog Engage alone for my site, it is the other benefits which I actually prefer.

    I have found Blog Engage to be worth it, and have several blogs in the platform and have been a member since December 2010.
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    I don't feel it's worth 20 bucks a month but Brian does come up with lots of offers and discounts so that one can get in for cheap

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    It's a big help in building additional backlinks, so why not?
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